The Origin Story

So we launched from the top of Katahdin in Maine! It was a clear crisp fall day with 52 m.p.h. winds and views for miles. We thought it would be nice to let everyone know the big "WHY". Here is our answer.

The reason we created Moonshot was the same reasons most businesses get started; We saw a problem that needed to be solved and we knew we had the skills and the passion to present a solution. We spent many years hiking and traveling and we saw many examples of one off camper van builds done by the friends and owners of the vans. No one was providing a consistent source for a high quality expedition class camper vans and the cultural support needed to make the transition of going from dreamer to doer. We wanted to connect people with nature and each other. To have a comfortable place to sleep at night and to feel secure. We wanted people to come back from a day of hiking a see their van as something that is a joy to look at and is their happy home for the night or the weekend or the month etc. We knew about the little challenges of van life because we lived it for several years. The founder lived a life of working on the road and l in a converted school bus named Turtle. We started Moonshot Camper Vans because we wanted to build something that connected people to good design and happiness and each other. We also wanted to create something with the feel sophistication set in the natural world. We wanted people to get out there. Its a big amazing world, go and see it! Feel that moment when your head and your heart un-clutch, breathe fresh air, hear the quiet places, feel grass under your feet.  You can see the launch video here:




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