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Who We Are

Moonshot Camper Vans builds well designed and well executed camper van modular systems so that you can build your own escape pod. We encourage people to unplug and get into the wilderness so that they will appreciate and protect the wild places they have set out to explore.

What We Do

We pay close attention to the details in order to make something that is Good and useful. We provide the tools and support system to create community among our customers. Our vision is to encourage people to see new places and and have new experiences. It is a big beautiful world so get out there. We want people to know nature without threat, community without crowding, and solitude without loneliness.

Why We Do It

Our larger goal is to offer something of beauty and simplicity. We want to offer a tool to use so that everyone may see that it is a hop skip and a jump to the grass under your feet and the stars over your head.

How We Do It

Through our experience of
1. Years of living the van life.
2. Thousands of miles personally hiked.
3. Experience designing and building interaction points for museums.
We are able to take an informed approach that is augmented by our experiences and thus provide you with a camper van that works well, no matter how long you want to spend out there. Our design thinking process creates a customer introduction that is easy and thoughtful.

Who We Do It For

We are here to help people to unplug, to know joy, and to feel at home when they are out there in the quiet open places. We are here to provide a tool that changes perspectives so you can see your problems shrink in comparison to the expanse of nature. We want to help people with that ache in their heart to roam.

Where We Are Headed

Our vision is to create a seamless way for you to purchase our vans online so people can reset as much as possible. We want to create a community that values the natural world in a real and practical sense. A group of humans inspired to protecting this home we have. We want to be a company that contributes to natural preservation while creating a slip stream in the emerging digital nomad community.

What's With The Name

Moonshot-A project of great ambition that succeeds beyond expectation.