Industrial Design and the Cool Factor in Campers

We have been reading and researching reviews on the emerging products in the camper van and camper trailer market and here are a few trends we really appreciate.


1. Conversion Kits


For people on a limited budget but itching to get out there, several companies now offer a modular conversion kit for most standard vans. We very much respect the straight forward and clever ways in which these kits integrate into the vehicles. Some kits have all the basic features such as beds, insulation, cabinets, etc. The more expensive kits have all the bells and whistles like ceiling fans and changeable lighting.

See them here.


2. Minimalist Design


We love this simple, sleek, and roomy design by Berlin-based architect and designer Micheal Hilgers. Using a Fiat Ducato van as the base, Hilgers took a small van and created a flexible, functional living space. Hilgers is known for his innovative furniture designs, but decided to design Vanjoy out of frustration with his life in Berlin. The empty space provides an unobtrusive visual presentation that lets one relax. 

See it here.


3.Better Lines and Form Factor


The fact that it looks like a base camp module that would be dropped onto the Mars surface was no accident due to the designer Garrett Finney’s expertise as a NASA engineer. Garrett designed the Cricket after working for NASA as a senior architect at the Habitability Design Center in Houston, Texas. Simply put, Garrett was responsible for designing the habitability module for the International Space Station. With that kind of pedigree, you should have no doubt how well the Cricket was thought out. We here at Moonshot are of course partial to space design but the real appeal is in the robust details this camper has to offer and not to mention how appropriate it would look being towed by one of our camper vans.

See it here.



The landscape in camper offerings seems well supplied with options to meet the taste of those who want to get out there in something that does't look clunky and out dated.

What are your thoughts?

Is there anything you would like to see?




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