We decided to launch from Katahdin, Maine.


It was September 30th 2005. It was my birthday and it was the end of a 2180 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. The spirit was willing but the body said it was time to be done. I had enjoyed a seamless life for six months. A life that consisted of challenges but mostly joy. That hike was one of the defining moments for me. That hike scoured away the detritus of life and left me the inward feeling that I could do what ever I wanted. It has been several years, I have done many long distance hikes, I still find joy on the top of mountains. I wanted to imbue this new chapter in my life, this new challenge, this new opportunity to rewrite myself with the clarity and vision I have had on long long walks. I decided to hike to the top of Katahdin in 52 mph winds but clear skies to set a fixed point in my life from which there are new expectations for a life that is ever going up.To live where I want and make a living doing what I want is success. To be able to show people that it is a big amazing world is icing on the cake.

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