Why we are doing this?


The question of "Why we are doing this?" has been defined on our About Us page but lets talk more about why one would give up a regular paycheck to start a business. This topic has been covered extensively in articles on the web and there have been very valid statements made. "I felt I had to do it." "I saw an opportunity." "I wanted to make a lot of money." etc. We can only speak to why We are doing this. The main reason is that we love design, we love nature, we love the challenge of building a culture from the ground up. For us there is of course the draw of making a lot of money but what is that worth if your just adding more low quality crap to the world, what does that matter if you feel like you are squandering the short time you are on this amazing unique planet. We have spent so much time building things, some good and some bad, that it matters to us to provide something that speaks to something greater.. A life worth living. A life connected to the places we came from. We provide a great product but more importantly we provide a moment or several moments when you can breathe deeply in the natural world, have a great conversation with someone, watch a campfire, drink a beer with good company. Sometimes that company is an old friend or the river next to you or that rich smell of a forest floor. The other question to ask is "Why Not?" Why not try? Why not do something you give a damn about? Starting this company has been an enlightening and humbling experience. It has been a lesson in realizing how much we didn't know that we didn't know but we are always moving upward. We are going to do our best. We hope you will join us.

Thank You

Moonshot Camper Vans

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